The Smartway Transport Partnership

The Manitoba Trucking Association(MTA) has partnered with Natural Resources Canada(NRCan) to raise awareness about The SmartWay Transport Partnership. This infinitive is a free and voluntary program that helps businesses move goods efficiently while keeping fuel costs and environmental impact at a minimum.

The program allows trucking company to boost productivity, reduce emissions, be more competitive, and encourages best practices in freight supply chains. Carriers and shippers can benchmark their operations, track fuel consumption and improve their overall performance with SmartWay.

Environmental performance is becoming more important as a business metric. To be competitive, your business must have a firm commitment to cut harmful emissions.

The MTA is encouraging all Manitoban trucking carriers to join the program.


SmartWay gives its partners access to free resources and tools that help them track and improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their emissions and operating costs. SmartWay is also committed to recognizing and publicizing the work of its partners.

Business case for being a SmartWay truck carrier

SmartWay gives you a competitive edge by enabling you to brand yourself as fuel-efficient and offer potential clients reliable information about your company’s sustainability for their corporate reporting.
  • Receive an annual benchmarking report that enables them to analyze fleet company data.
  • Can gain a better understanding of their fuel efficiency and emissions performance.
  • Can obtain Carrier Emission Results on our website to see how they compare against their peers.
  • Can look for areas for improvement by regularly monitoring and tracking their fuel consumption.
  • Can save fuel and reduce emissions and operating costs.
  • Can gain a competitive advantage — and potentially new customers — by meeting a rising demand for fuel efficient, low- emission carriers.

Webinars with Smartway

SmartWay offers free webinars to its partners on a variety of topics including how to enter data into the tools. Partners can also suggest a webinar topic.

For current partners, the next webinar takes place on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Want to join and pitch topics you'd like to learn more about? Join Smartway.

Joining Smartway is free and simple

To join the program, you need to:

  1. Slect and review the user guide that will help you complete the tool that applies to your operation.
  2. Select and complete your tool by providing information about your operation.
  3. Email your completed tool to NRCan for approval.

After this process, NRCan will contact you to confirm your partnership.

For any more information please contact us: 1-204-632-6600.